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Found & Shared @ The Indiana Welcome Center

Jacqueline Fisch is a writer and writing coach for business owners who want to sound human and sell more (because humans buy from humans). She helps them ditch the jargon so they can relate to and connect with their perfect clients using engaging online copy that sells.

Writing about yourself is hard.

A few killer sentences that sum up exactly who you are and what you make.
A bio that stands tall, like you. A bio that boldly states what you stand for.
Social media profiles that stand out, and sales emails that connect with your customer—and sells!
A website that shows off your talent.

This Web Writing Workshop, will be a time of real website writing for makers and creators who love their craft, but don’t know how to talk about it.

Get clear - on who you are and why you do this work. What lights you up and what makes you angry. How you want people to FEEL when they read your website.
Get creative - With all the creative minds in the room, you’re going to get some juicy words.
Get inspired - With writing prompts to get your writing to flow. With manifesto ideas that make you scream, HELL YES!
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We’re going to push edges a little. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

Join me as I welcome Jacq to the Found & Shared Tribe as a guest speaker for this exciting workshop.

nibbles, coffee & tea will be provided

$65 per person | early bird through 12/31
deal: bring a friend - 2 for $100

$75 per person | through 2/1
deal: bring a friend - 2 for $135